Welcome to Frik and Frak Market

Where every bite is an invitation to savor the extraordinary...

Frik and Frak Market is more than just a place to shop for exceptional products; it's a culinary destination where every visit is an opportunity to explore new tastes, connect with our community, and indulge in the pleasures of good food. Our market is a reflection of the values that drive us – family, quality, and a passion for flavor.


SINCE 2023 The Frik & Frak Market

Welcome to Frik and Frak Market, a culinary haven nestled in the heart of Canton, Georgia, where gastronomic delights meet the warmth of a family-driven business. Born from the creative minds of the same brother-sister team that brought you the renowned Frik and Frak Foods sauce company in 2016, our market is an extension of the flavors and passion that have defined our journey.

At Frik and Frak Market, we take pride in our commitment to delivering a five-star experience in every jar, and now, we're expanding our culinary repertoire to encompass more than just sauces. Our journey began with the belief that exceptional food brings people together, and we are excited to bring that philosophy to life in a new dimension.

Our coffee, bakery counter, and gourmet meals offerings are a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. We've carefully curated a selection of gourmet products that reflect the same attention to detail and flavor that made Frik and Frak Foods a household name. Whether you're sipping on a meticulously brewed cup of coffee, indulging in our delectable pastries, or savoring our gourmet meals, each experience is crafted with love and a commitment to excellence.

Join us on this new adventure fueled by the culinary excellence of Frik and Frak Foods. Where every jar, cup, and plate tells a story of dedication, creativity, and love for exceptional food. Welcome to Frik and Frak Market, where every bite is an invitation to savor the extraordinary.


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Frik and Frak Market Frik and Frak Market

Welcome to Frik and Frak Market

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